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We believe there are three major stages in the lifecycle of every franchisor

Franworth Foundation Stage


Foundation Stage

During the Foundation stage, a franchisor is proving their concept works and that it can be duplicated; they are creating scalable systems and driving unit economics. These brands typically have less than 10 operating units. A strong foundation provides a proven, sustainable model to protect the interest of the franchisees.

Franworth Acceleration Stage


Acceleration Stage

During the Acceleration stage, the franchisor is focused on scaling the business. Speed and precision throughout this stage are essential to gain market share, establish the brand and provide the financial ability to support franchises. The brand must add operating units and grow franchisor EBITDA. Existing and new franchisees benefit from the continued improvements to the brand throughout this stage.

Franworth Value Creation Stage

3Value Creation

Value Creation Stage

During the Value Creation stage, the business is prepared and structured in manner conducive to attracting the next level of investment so as to further scale the business. In this stage, both the franchisor and the franchisees have demonstrated solid, profitable, financial performance. They have proven sustainable systems, brand consistency and market awareness.

Franworth Building

We have upgraded to adjust for growth! In March of 2015, we moved into the newly renovated “Franworth Building” located in downtown Ann Arbor, MI. This historical building was built in 1871 and recently underwent a remodel to better represent the quality and innovation of Franworth.

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